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Buyer Benefits

Verified Supplier Trade Directory (68,000+ suppliers)

Quick search and advanced search through over 68,000 suppliers with smart filters to find credible empowered suppliers within seconds.

  • Rich supplier information - over 100 points of supplier master data
  • Profile score to measure compliance
  • Download BBBEE Certificates (over 30,000 up to date BBBEE certificates)
  • View trade references
  • Search audit report

Tender Bulletin

Advertise procurement opportunities at no cost - Daily tender alerts matching to your company requirements sent to credible and empowered suppliers linking preferred industry sectors, regions and keywords

Quote [RFQ]

Use the Request for Quote system -

  • Compliance with quote management rules
  • Secure system
  • Automated commercial analysis saves buyers hours of their time - no longer required to build commercial evaluation spreadsheets - better negotiation strategies
  • Access to huge competitive supplier database - drive savings strategies
  • Monitor savings achieved

eAuction (Reverse and Forward)

  • Utilise the Request for Quote technology to issue an auction
  • Reverse Auction - get suppliers to bid for your business - achieve double digit savings for your company
  • Invite your own suppliers + Access to huge competitive supplier database - drive prices down
  • Issue a Forward Auction for your redundant assets - get the highest price for products you no longer need
  • Monitor savings achieved

086 127 2638
SCNet Call Centre Support to Premium Members

Assistance to

  • Find new suppliers linked a request for quote process
  • Create and issue a new RFQ

Vendor Manager

  • Online vendor master data health check
  • Call centre assistance to chase vendor compliance (update BBBEE & Tax Clearance)
  • Weekly reminders to non-compliant vendors
  • Health check reporting linked to the corporate vendor number

Premium Membership - A Value Deal

  • Saves you hours of your own supplier research time
  • Don’t waste valuable time building analytical spreadsheets - let the system handle this for you
  • Use the procurement tools to reduce your procurement costs

Benefit Basic: FREE Premium:
Comprehensive Business Listing
  • View comprehensive company profiles with all the relevant information to assist in the procurement due diligence process.
Verified Records & Premium Listing x
  • Rely on the information integrity of business listings that have been branded Red and verified by our call centre
  • Reporting to link business profiles to your Master Data Management processes to ensure your vendor information is always up to date in your back office systems
  • Peace of mind that
    • The BBBEE Certificate has been checked
    • Black Ownership credentials have been checked
    • Company Registration details have been checked with CIPC (Companies & Intellectual Property Commission)
    • Tax Clearance Certificate is current
Notification re Expiring Documents
  • The Network will manage the process of chasing up expired documents for premium listings to ensure that the buyer always has access to the most current information.
Search (Standard)
  • Search keywords linked to the United Nations Standard Products and Services Coding form part of the business profile to ensure that buyer and seller connect.
Verified Listings Receive Priority x
  • Buyers will see verified listings first to ensure that they can quickly connect to companies that have been verified.
Advanced Search x
  • Tools to build an advanced search process are provided to Premium Members to rapidly reach the companies needed.
Filter Search Results x
  • Smart filters based on all aspects of the procurement strategy allow buyers to rapidly filter in or filter out based on specific procurement strategy needs.
Tender Advertise x
  • Advertise tenders on a Tender Bulletin at no additional cost and reach many businesses that will be capable of meeting your needs.
  • Upload tender documents plus attachments for distribution to numerous potential vendors.
Tender Notifications by eMail x
  • For open tenders the Network will proactively notify potential vendors that the tender has been advertised.
Audit Reports x
  • Premium Members will have access to a variety of reporting, including a Search Result report that can be used for audit purposes.
  • Premium Members will have access to comprehensive Request for Quote [eRFQ] technology that will allow the buyer to achieve the following:
  • Online Paperless solution for buyers and suppliers
  • Build a credible eRFQ quickly and easily
  • Procurement rules and integrity built into the technology
  • Suppliers receive a secure access code to respond to each specific request
  • Supplier response is quick and easy with info guides to explain each step to respond
  • Suppliers can upload all their attachments electronically as part of the eRFQ response
  • Manage closing date and time with automated diary entry
  • The Buyer has access to automated adjudication reports - including BBBEE reporting - saving the Buyer a lot of time
  • Automatic notification to suppliers of any changes, updates, withdrawal, regrets and awards.
  • Award in total, by item or volume.
  • Full audit trail on all sourcing activity.
eCatalogue x
  • Buyers will be able to access the eCatalogue of Premium Member listings to send a Request for Quote on specific items directly to the desktop of the potential supplier.


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